I first moved to Keith about 32 years ago from Aberdeen. The reason for this was to teach Music in the local schools which I did until 10 years ago when I decided to form a small Computer Business. I then worked with a construction company in Huntly

My interest in Computers and Electronics goes back a long way. My late father was a Radio Engineer at Dyce (Aberdeen) Airport for over 30 years and I think this must have rubbed off on me. I was always keen on Radio related topics but it was not until Dec 1984 that I plucked up courage to sit the Radio Amateur Exam. There followed a long wait until 1989 when I sat the 12wpm Morse Test and gained my Full Licence.

I have always used Computers with Amateur Radio and this even goes back to the "Spectrum" days when I used them to decode SSTV, Morse, Packet Radio etc.

I am now retired and follow Aberdeen FC
Rigs That I Own Or Have Owned In The Past